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Kylee Marie Worthens.
c/o 2016. December 29. All I want for my birthday is a big booty hoe.
Mixed. California Gurlz. were undeniable (;
Ohana. Count your blessings, not your problems. Follow me? <3


i never realized how tacky looking phil’s all powerful remote was

i mean look at it

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imagine this:one day, you walk into school to find your crush leaning against your locker, staring at you. you think there's a mistake and just stand there, waiting for him to leave. he doesnt leave. you feel bold and ask him what's up. he smiles super big, takes your hand, and kisses it. you guys are already late to class, so you decide to just cut. he drives you to your favorite ice cream place, on the way describing his feelings for you. you guys get ice cream, he puts a bit on your nose. before wiping it off, he grabs a napkin and tells you to close your eyes. then he tells you to open your mouth, too. you do so. before you know what's going on, he shoves the napkin in your mouth, pulls out a random knife, and stabs you.



im so happy i have erin….shes the only that makes me feel loved

can u feel it?

can u feel the love?

nothing feels better than feeling the love!!


it should be called crumblr because my life is crumbling right before my eyes

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